• The Latest U.K. Wedding Trends
    Just like trends in fashion change with the times, trends in weddings also change. These trends are in line with changing times. The following are some of the latest wedding trends in the U.K. that you need to know about. Marquee venues With social distancing being the norm, the trend […]
  • Tips on Choosing Wedding Suppliers
    Your wedding day is the most exciting and important day of your life, and you want it to be perfect from beginning till end. However, planning and setting up your wedding can be overwhelming. Here is a list of tips that will help you choose wedding suppliers to meet your […]
  • The Latest COVID Regulations for Weddings in the U.K
    The COVID pandemic has made lockdowns, masks, and social distancing a part of our lives. To curb the spread of this deadly virus, governments have introduced curbs on the assembling of people in events. These norms have been applied even for weddings. If you were planning to get married, you […]
  • Will new laws allow you to marry at home?
    COVID-19 restrictions forcing couples to cancel have made a legal body think twice about “archaic” marriage laws. With wedding venues and churches being forced to close for month many couples have had to put their weddings on hold for now. The Law Commission wants to see changes in England and […]