Finding the Perfect Wedding Photographer: Your Go-To Guide

Weddings mean an amalgamation of not only the couples but also their families. A big event such as this requires months of meticulous planning, including finding the right photographer to capture the time. It is indeed a daunting task to scan through the options available these days before finalizing. This handy guide might be your solution.

Browse your contacts

Word-of-mouth is the best way to confidently find a wedding photographer. Ask your friends or relatives if they know someone in their contacts. If they recently got married themselves, inquire whom they hired. This way, you may even get to see the shots personally and decide if that’s right for you.

Scroll your social media feed

Log on to your Facebook, Instagram account and scroll through the feed or explore pages. Look for available photographers in your area. Post a query or reach out to them and converse. Read the reviews and browse their photo albums.

Brainstorm with partner and family

Discuss with your better half and the families on the style of photography for your wedding after going through the options. Social media is loaded with billions of inspirations to make you think harder.

Photographer meet

After a tedious round of scanning social media and deciding on the style, it’s time to contact the photographer and meet him/her personally. This is the best time to have an open conversation on every requirement of yours. From the charges to deliverables, portfolio to equipment, the meeting should be professional yet friendly to bring that sense of comfort.

Review the meet

Post-meeting, take some time to think and discuss amongst yourselves and with family and friends. Ask their opinions and suggestions. If required, have a second meeting to clarify your queries.

There is no single path to finding the perfect wedding photographer. It requires a good investment of time, constant communication, and most importantly, following your guts.

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Hello, I’m Darren, photographer and owner of Kendar Photography. Photography has been my passion for many years and I enjoy nothing more than being out and about meeting new people and capturing special memories for them to cherish for years to come.

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