How to Perfectly Capture a Proposal?

The perfect wedding begins with the perfect proposal! A popular trend for proposals nowadays is to take candid photos of the couple to best capture the element of surprise. Here’s how you do it.

Hide Your Photographer

The one aspect couples can’t manage the occasion without. Plan the event with your photographer. Share with him any ideas you might want to incorporate on your big day. Choose your setting. It shall help plan the perfect hide-out to get the best shot. This way, your family too can witness the beautiful moment without any distractions.

Plan, Plan, Plan!

Plan for the best and worst possible scenario. Couples can involve their friends and family. Rehearse with a mock proposal in your place of choice. Find the perfect time of the day to get the best light. A useful rule of thumb to never miss the shot is to avoid the crowd. Get family and friends to participate in the special event to form the best possible scenario.

Tech Aids

Use top-notch technology at your disposal. Proposals are deeply personal to couples and here Hi-tech equipment like drones and high-resolution, long-lens cameras gives a great advantage over mobile phone cameras to keep it candid.

Setting and Camouflage!

For outdoor settings, your best bet is to ensure the photographer blends with the surrounding- matching clothes, quiet steps and finding the best vantage point. Make sure the photographer doesn’t stand out. Other places they would least expect it could be your regular hangouts, the routine stroll in the park or anywhere that reminds them of their relationship milestones with you.  

Weddings see the bride and groom being photographed in all their glory in the perfect setting, but it’s the proposal that sets the tone. Capture the raw emotion successfully with these helpful tips.

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Hello, I’m Darren, photographer and owner of Kendar Photography. Photography has been my passion for many years and I enjoy nothing more than being out and about meeting new people and capturing special memories for them to cherish for years to come.

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