Top Five Family Portrait Poses

A family portrait is a testament to the love and the great bond that survives and flourishes spanning across generations. You can lock away a moment of great family life forever. Here are five poses to get it right.

The Classic Sit-Down

Photographers love the simple sit on the sofa and smile. It gives each member almost equal space in the shot. You can play with the arms and torso to get various angles too. Use variations in the light setting.

It’s a great capture for child-free couples, a small family of four outside their home or at a wedding with the whole family. Both outdoor and indoor settings suit this style as the backdrop.

Relaxed Casual Picnic

With a picnic spread in an outdoor setting, add some fun to boring family portrait.

Couples with toddlers can hold them in their arms or lap, they can lie down or hold objects or show other physical displays of affection.

Family Hug

In case of a single-child family, the photographer gets the couple to hug each other holding the child in the middle. This could work in any setting as well. For bigger families, two members can hug each other with others hugging each member behind the other while facing the camera.

Up in the Air

Candid portraits with babies or little children made easy using this pose. Lift the child up and swing your arms gently to get the desired effect. For a natural look, play with the child to engage him and ensure safety.

Family Stroll

An easy pose is holding hands and walking with family. It can be improvised to the family looking back and faces the camera with bodies only half turned towards it.

Remember to be patient and capture great memories with your family with these great poses.

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Hello, I’m Darren, photographer and owner of Kendar Photography. Photography has been my passion for many years and I enjoy nothing more than being out and about meeting new people and capturing special memories for them to cherish for years to come.

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