The Latest U.K. Wedding Trends

Just like trends in fashion change with the times, trends in weddings also change. These trends are in line with changing times. The following are some of the latest wedding trends in the U.K. that you need to know about.

Marquee venues

With social distancing being the norm, the trend is towards marquee weddings. This allows you to have an outdoor wedding in a natural environment. It also offers more space to allow your guests to be comfortable.

Virtual weddings

The Corona pandemic has made virtual weddings popular. A virtual wedding allows you to invite more guests from all corners of the world. No one needs to step out of their home to attend this kind of wedding.

Restaurant receptions

With limits on the number of guests at weddings, couples are now planning wedding breakfasts at leading restaurants. Since the number of guests is lesser, receptions at private dining rooms are now affordable for couples.

Getting insured

Wedding insurance is becoming popular due to the risks involved in postponements, deposits not returned, etc. New policies are being offered for engaged couples to get their wedding insured to avoid problems later.

Bespoke gifts for guests

With expenses reduced due to COVID restrictions, couples are spending less than planned. Many of them are using the surplus money to shower bespoke gifts for guests who do attend. Sending small gifts in advance is a trend today.

Vintage is back

Vintage dresses as well as second-hand dresses are back in style. The trend was started by Princess Beatrice and more brides are following it. The focus on sustainability and the need for expressing individuality has made this trend grow fast.

Short wedding dresses

The traditional maxi dresses for weddings are being replaced with midi and mini dresses. Brides prefer dresses that offer comfort as compared to gowns.

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