The Latest COVID Regulations for Weddings in the U.K

The COVID pandemic has made lockdowns, masks, and social distancing a part of our lives. To curb the spread of this deadly virus, governments have introduced curbs on the assembling of people in events. These norms have been applied even for weddings. If you were planning to get married, you need to be aware of these new regulations, so the wedding event goes on as per norms.

Let’s look at the norms applicable.


  • In England, weddings are permitted only under exceptional situations. Only six people are permitted. Prior to this up to 15 people were permitted.
  • In Scotland, only five guests are allowed for a wedding (with an interpreter as an extra guest, if needed).
  • The norms in Wales say that receptions are not allowed. The number of guests at weddings depends on how many guests can be safely accommodated.
  • Northern Ireland has restricted the number of guests to 25. No receptions are allowed.

Social distancing

The government norms make it clear that people participating in the wedding ceremony must be a minimum of 1 metre apart (ideally 2 metres).

Food and drink

Serving food and drink during the ceremony is not allowed unless it is a part of the solemnisation.

Other norms

  • Hands need to be washed before and after the ceremony, in case rings need to be exchanged.
  • If any singing or chanting needs to be carried out, only one person should do it. (Up to three may be permitted in exceptional situations).
  • Plexiglass screens are recommended for use in the ceremony for safety.
  • Shouting, singing loudly, and playing musical instruments are not permitted.
  • If the couple or guests have COVID-19 or its symptoms, they should not go ahead with the wedding.
  • Face coverings are mandatory.
  • Children attending weddings should be asked to wash their hands and frequently sanitise to keep them safe.

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